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Singer Taylor Swift during JetBlue's Live From T5 concert series at Terminal 5 at JFK Airport on October 27, 2010 in the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Kevin Kane/FilmMagic)

Taylor Swift Performs at JFK Airport [Photos]

Taylor Swift performed at JFK International airport Wednesday night to a crowd of lucky flyers. Photos: Taylor Swift Performing at JFK Airport The pop chanteuse…

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep in 2010

We bet you thought you were getting a list of green New Year’s resolutions this week. But that would be predictable—and pretty freaking boring. If you’re reading this you already know the deal. Recycle this. Shut that off. Use both sides of the toilet paper. Besides, fewer than 10 percent of people keep their resolutions, so why set you up for failure? So how about trying something different—after all, resolution isn’t something you make, it’s something you have.

Sound Smart at a Party for the Week of December 17 – December 23, 2009

1. “Keep your government hands off my Medicare,” said a speaker at a health care reform town hall meeting in South Carolina commenting on the…

‘You Lie!’ Makes List of 2009′s Memorable Quotes

Along with a gem from Kanye West and Captain Sully’s air traffic convo

Billboard Names Taylor, Kanye Year’s Best Artists

This must be killing him.

But it really is only fitting that Kanye West and Taylor Swift were chosen to share the royal title of king and queen of the charts this year.

Billboard magazine named Swift the top female artist, while West was declared top male artist. But Swift trumps West overall.

Again, this must be KILLING him.

Justin Bieber Performs With Broken Foot

Thousands of fans at Roosevelt Field Mall couldn’t take Justin Bieber down. But Taylor Swift did. No, we’re just kidding. The 15-year-old heart breaker,  who…