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Movie Review: Boogie Woogie

When Van Gogh got crazed and sliced off his own ear, maybe he was picking up conversations from the future— with avaricious millionaires squabbling over art works as consumer products— and then went to extreme measures to shut it all out. The notion is not that farfetched after viewing Boogie Woogie, a film about cynical art snob fare peering into the pretentious when not cruel machinations transpiring in the world of creative merchandise commerce.

Christmas Ornaments For The Green, Trendy–And Slightly Disturbed

So at first we decided to forgo the office Christmas tree. We got out our string of LED lights, wrapped them around the head of our beloved mascot, Pressley the Panda, and called it a day. But a synthetic panda head doesn’t smell like pine. So, we came up with a better idea—a real, sustainably grown tree with recycled ornaments. Our choice? The dozens of cardboard cozies we’ve been hoarding from our Massapequa Perk coffee addiction. But hey, not everyone downs gallons of organic Ethiopian coffee per day and saves their trash to a degree worthy of a reality show on the A&E channel. So for the rest of you, here are some alternatives.

Secret Stash of Paintings Found in Dairy Company

ROME (AP) — Italian tax police said Saturday that they had seized works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne and other giants of art in a…