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A Letter from the Press’ Editor-in-chief

“Tell me something about Elvis.” That’s how my housemate Jared answered a phone call one afternoon in early 2002. I didn’t know it at the…


The Conversation: All-Natural Foods

“Wait, so Red Bull doesn’t come out of the ground?” Ben & Jerry’s made headlines this week when it announced plans to remove the “all-natural’…

The Conversation: Lindsay Lohan

Long Island’s prodigal daughter has once again run afoul of the law after being on probation and failing a drug test. Now she may face…

The Conversation: Back To School

The flipping of the calendar to September means many things, but to parents and children, it is significant for one reason: school. Parents, after an…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of Aug. 19 – Aug. 25

I would like to applaud the writing of Jaclyn Gallucci for the informative article on genetically modified foods ["Harmville," Aug. 12]. As a humane and environmental educator and militant vegan mom of two young boys, this article reminded me of a film I recently viewed called Fresh.

Letters to the Press: For the Week of Aug. 5 – Aug. 11

When I read “10 Worst Things To Get At A Long Island Drive-Thru” [July 29], I couldn’t help but think about all of the unknown ingredients that are doing damage to Long Islanders’ bodies and their communities. If Long Islanders had more healthy options, such as a local farmers market, it would be much easier to turn that value meal into meal-of-value. With that said, I put together my own Top 10 list—one that is on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to triple burgers and double chicken sandwiches.