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Letters to the Press: For the Week of Aug. 19 – Aug. 25


I would like to applaud the writing of Jaclyn Gallucci for the informative article on genetically modified foods ["Harmville," Aug. 12]. As a humane and environmental educator and militant vegan mom of two young boys, this article reminded me of a film I recently viewed called Fresh. Most parents and educators alike have absolutely no idea as to what we are feeding our children. Our children’s school lunches fall short of “healthy.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture promotes the consumption of dairy and animal flesh, both of which are connected to serious health issues.


As per Dr. Benjamin Spock, “Children who grow up getting their nutrition from plant foods rather than meats have a tremendous health advantage. They are less likely to develop weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.” A carnivore’s diet is riddled with growth hormones rBST and rBGH. Your readers may not know that the steak sitting on their plate, once a living being, born to be a herbivore, was force-fed animal flesh. The meat that is sitting on your children’s plate has lived off genetically modified corn and, yes, pigs, horses, cows, sheep, etc. are herbivores, yet the USDA finds it apropos to turn the other cheek by allowing factory farms/farmers to overcrowd, abuse and disregard the natural order of the food chain for our voiceless counterparts.

Cows are not built/designed to consume other cows. Make sense? Humans are not designed to consume animal flesh nor bovine milk, but we do. Why is this? Why on Earth would one particular mammal desire to consume the milk of another? For example: constantly impregnating a cat, for the sake of argument, and drinking her milk. Sound ridiculous? Because it is ridiculous! Why do we humans constantly impregnate cows solely to produce milk? Not only are these bovines pumped up with rBST/rBGH, which in turn you are ingesting every time you have a glass of milk or chomp into a burger. The bovine’s offspring is then crated and prepped for the makings of a miserable veal meal.

I implore your readers to check out or, excellent resources for a healthy, vegetarian genetically modified free diet.

I am a vegan due to my belief in “harming none.” Veganism is a religion and philosophical practice of respect, compassion and love for all beings. I would love the opportunity to branch out on this story of “Genetically Modified Foods that are in fact killing our kids.”

Just a few statistics I would like to share: The standard American diet containing large amounts of animal fat can begin to clog arteries in childhood. Sixty percent of all American children are obese. As per the American Heart Association, vegetarians have lower blood pressure than non-veggies. Harmful cholesterol is found only in animal products (meat, dairy, eggs). Childhood diets high in calories, protein, calcium and fat promote growth and early menstruation, which in turn is associated with high cancer rates. The American Dietetic Association states that our nutritional needs can be met on a vegetarian and/or vegan diet.

You are what you eat, right? Respect our earth, respect all beings, and respect ourselves!

Eileen Scanlon Christofi, Bethpage

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