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Letters to the Press: For the Week of Aug. 5 – Aug. 11

Pass The Drive-Thru By

Dear Editor,

When I read “10 Worst Things To Get At A Long Island Drive-Thru” [July 29], I couldn’t help but think about all of the unknown ingredients that are doing damage to Long Islanders’ bodies and their communities. If Long Islanders had more healthy options, such as a local farmers market, it would be much easier to turn that value meal into meal-of-value. With that said, I put together my own Top 10 list—one that is on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to triple burgers and double chicken sandwiches.


The Top 10 reasons you should shop at a Long Island farmers market:

1. Healthy Choices
2. Fresh Tasting Food
3. Affordable Prices
4. Organically Grown
5. Variety of Options
6. Fruit and Veggies > Bacon and Salt
7. Educational information on the who, what, where and when of your food
8. Support Your Community
9. Support Long Island Farms
10. Support Long Island!

Sarah Lansdale
Executive Director, Sustainable Long Island

The following comments come from those who visit our website.

Wasting Away

Another fine example of the political patronage that has plagued this county for more than a century [“Death Threats Demands and Inquiries: Hazards Still Rampant at Cedar Creek,” July 29]. Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter, as long as political supporters, family and friends are hire for jobs despite their lack of qualifications. The only way this could be worse would be if it were a Town of Hempstead facility.


How many children on the playgrounds of our schools must get sick or possibly injured due to this? If the plant is not being maintained, what about the security threat of possible terrorism? There are natural gases being released already.You will see how fast local politicians will come out screaming only after a possible disaster…HOW SAD!

Sue Lee

Just like a dangerous intersection. People complain, but they don’t put up a traffic light until after someone gets killed. Don’t worry, they’ll fix things after a major explosion and environmental disaster.


Changing With The Times

It’s way past time for Long Island to start changing with the times [“It’ll Never Happen: From the Lighthouse Project to the Cross-Sound Tunnel, Why Is Long Island the Place Where Big Ideas Often Drown?” July 22]. Most of Nassau County is not a “peaceful quiet suburb of New York City” and hasn’t been for decades.

Infrastructure projects mean jobs for our dwindling middle class. Jobs for people supporting their families, paying their taxes and shopping at their local stores.

But money talks and politics rule here in the ’burbs. America is at its best when it’s building something. Time for Long Island to be at its best and put the Lighthouse Project into a reality.

Village Crone

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