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New York Gov. David Paterson, for whom Fulton Elemntary School in Hempstead will be renamed.

Hempstead Elementary School Honors Gov. Paterson

Gov. David Paterson’s gubernatorial tenure may not go down in…

Native American Cigarette Industry is Being Crushed

Tucked away along a waterway in Mastic, Long Island is Poospatuck, the smallest Indian reservation in New York State. It means “Where the water meets”…

Analysis: Economy, Politics, Policy Collide in NY

This is the week you won’t be getting that tax rebate check. And don’t expect those checks — typically $400 to $500 and sent to property tax payers every fall since 2006 — to return any time soon. Even the less tangible benefit of STAR, a school tax break paid directly to schools, is shrinking every year. Both were cut to balance state budgets.

Paterson Urged By D.C. Dems To Step Aside

Gov. David Paterson had weathered a weekend in which veiled messages were sent to him from Washington Democrats to drop out of the gubernatorial race…

Smoking Mad

In the years after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, a popular legend grew. General Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander in chief of the Japanese naval fleet, was quoted as saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant,” referring to the fact that the surprise attack had pushed America into world war.

Hard To Swallow

aking a swig from a can of regular soda may cost more than empty calories under Governor David Paterson’s new executive budget. On Dec. 9, in an attempt to boost the economy and close New York State’s $15 billion deficit, Paterson imposed an “obesity tax” on sweetened soft drinks.