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Pills and a medication bottle

More Charges Eyed in Laffer Doc Case

Prosecutors want to bring more charges against a pain-management doctor already facing prescription-sale charges after 10 of his patients died of overdoses and another killed…

North Hempstead Cleans Up Its Public Schools

It all started with a call from a student teacher from Port Washington—she said, “We want to recycle in the school,” recalls North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman. This simple request started Kaiman thinking about the 11 school districts in the Township of North Hempstead, and exactly how efficient, or inefficient the recycling efforts were for the schools involved.

Hard To Swallow

aking a swig from a can of regular soda may cost more than empty calories under Governor David Paterson’s new executive budget. On Dec. 9, in an attempt to boost the economy and close New York State’s $15 billion deficit, Paterson imposed an “obesity tax” on sweetened soft drinks.

Disappearing Doctors

Doctors are fleeing LI or giving up practices, often because of overwhelming and ever-increasing malpractice costs and ever-decreasing reimbursements, all resulting from health insurance company policies

The Unlikely Poet

She skipped classes in high school to run with the wild crowd. She spends her weekends riding a Harley-Davidson and considers herself a bit of a rebel. Her “real job” is running a local home-security company, and she can always be found in jeans and a comfortable sweatshirt. One look at Yolanda Coulaz and the stereotypical image of a poet goes out the window.

Green Fleets

Smithtown is one of the most historically rich towns on Long Island. One local legend has it that Native Americans told pioneer Richard Smith that he would be granted title to all the land he could ride across in one day on a bull. A statue of Whisper, the famous bull he rode, stands proudly at the head of the intersection of Jericho Turnpike and St. Johnland Road.