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Surfing in Long Beach, Flooding at Jones Beach [Photos]

Joel Cairl / Long Island Press

While Hurricane Earl had pretty much all of Long Island terrified of a possible Category 4 storm submerging it, there was one group of LIers who were hoping for the worst: surfers.

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Long Island’s boarding elite took to Long Beach to take advantage of the gigantic waves brought about by Hurricane Earl’s winds. Even though the hurricane missed Long Island, its winds, which were felt as far as 70 miles from its core, made for some gnarly opportunities.

Elsewhere, Hurricane Earl’s winds led to flooding, particularly Field 6 at Jones Beach.

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The only place any Field 6 adventurers will be putting their blankets is on a raft. Water spilled past the shore line up to and over most of the field.


Joel Cairl / Long Island Press

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