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Three of the 22 Press Club of Long Island awards won by the Long Island Press staff Thursday.

Press Wins Top Honors at PCLI Media Awards

The Long Island Press dominated the 2011 Society of Professional…

In August 2010 a number of fire tornados were spotted in Hawaii and Brazil (Photo courtesy AP)

Top 10 Weather & Environmental Disasters of 2010: Year In Review

10. Fire Tornados—Fire whirls, firenados, fire devils. Whatever you want to call them, fire tornadoes are a combination of brush fires and strong, dry winds….

Letters to the Press: For the Week of Sept. 16 – Sept. 22

Serve and Protect Who? George Grier, of Uniondale, counted on Nassau County police’s use of the Shot Spotter gunshot detection system in his neighborhood to…

The Conversation: Hurricane Earl Non-Aftermath

“It’s Armageddon!” “We’re all done for!” “Buy all the bottled water and Twinkies you can!” Hurricane Earl was set to turn Long Island into a…

A lifeguard watches over swimmers at an Atlantic Ocean beach

Atlantic Beach Teen Lifeguard Shares Heroic Rescue

As Hurricane Earl crept north along the Eastern Seaboard Thursday…


Surfing in Long Beach, Flooding at Jones Beach [Photos]

While Hurricane Earl had pretty much all of Long Island…