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Jerry’s Ink: This Is Not The First Time That Massachusetts Has Saved This Country

They do it every 234 years and when they do it, aren’t they courageous and wonderful?

Now that Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts put the kibosh on Obama’s insane health care bill, 58 percent of the country can breathe a sigh of relief. It was a horrible bill, which only got so far because of bribery and corruption in our Congress.

Am I rejoicing? No, I’m scared.


This is a highly intelligent, attractive, glib, silver-tongued, scheming president who is telling you that you only rejected his health care bill because you are too dumb to understand it and he, unfortunately, failed to explain it to you and the rest of the nation.

Since the disastrous election in Massachusetts, Obama is running for president again. His new slogan? “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

How much did your 401(k) plan shrink last week when Obama, “the populist,” decided to get you back on his side by destroying our nation’s financial institutions?

If you’re out of work, how many new jobs opened up after Obama adopted his anti-business stance?

This is an “I told you so” column.

Months before he was elected, I wrote:

“My gullible Democrat friends, I know you would rather believe that George W. Bush was boffing Ruth Bader Ginsburg than believe that Barack Obama would sell his soul for a few lousy votes. But you know it’s true. And this isn’t the first time it will happen. I promise you that this summer Barack Obama will change positions faster and more often than a horny couple on their honeymoon night. He will lie to his followers and they will lie to themselves.”

And this:

“Obama makes a great speech, but when the time for bold speechmaking is over and decisive action must be taken, Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter in sheep’s clothing.”

And this:

“Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

“We will, in time, find out that we have elected another Jimmy Carter. But who will be the first admit it?
“Certainly not the media, which, in the first six months, will continue to be the world’s largest Barack Obama PR machine.

“Israel will be quietly abandoned.

“But President Obama will make a great speech on the need to satisfy the wishes of all sides in the Middle East in order to achieve a lasting peace.

“Iran will develop nuclear weapons and laugh at our weak objections.

“But Barack Obama will make a great speech at the United Nations condemning Iran. Nothing will happen.
“Joe Biden will be right—there will be a terrorist incident in the United States—and President Obama will make a brilliant speech urging everyone to be calm. Once again he will call on the United Nations to denounce terrorism.

“The Barack Obama honeymoon with the media will last for years.

“There will be a million fawning ‘exclusive interviews with President Obama’ on the front page of every newspaper in the nation. Obama’s inauguration speech will be called the greatest inauguration speech ever made by the press.”

Why am I boasting and crowing about these columns months after they ran?

Because I’m not right often and I can be a dope about many things, so when I get something right I want the world to know.

Now I want the world to know that even though Barack Obama is scrambling, he is more dangerous than ever.
He’s still good-looking. He’s still a great speaker and he still has an added advantage over most of us. He doesn’t hesitate to lie.

The question is: Can he fool a majority of Americans again?

I say yes. Because we want to believe. We all, myself included, want him to be a good president. We want him to encourage business so that there will be more jobs, not more government takeovers.

We want him to protect us from terrorism. We want him to stop treating those people who try to blow up our planes and kill our citizens with the same laws as were applied to the parents of Balloon Boy.

It all comes down to this: I will be rooting for him to change because we can’t afford to have a “lox” in the office of president for three more years.

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