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Best Celebrity Quotes Of 2009, Why “God Hates Lady Gaga”

This morning we happened upon a press release called “God Hates Lady Gaga” announcing a protest against the singer. After we spit our coffee everywhere, chuckled a bit and hung it on our wall, we shook out our keyboard, dug up some of our other favorite quotes from the past year and categorized them for your reading pleasure.

Long Island, Circa 2009

The snow started falling on a December Saturday this year, the first snowfall of 2009. And instead of being a dusting and another instance when…

2009 Year In Review Green Edition: Long Island’s Environmental Milestones

At the close of 2008, the only thing rebellious about Tiger Woods was his signature red shirt and the only scandal surrounding Michael Phelps was his endorsement of Frosted Flakes over Wheaties. Thankfully, Long Island’s reputation for green initiatives hasn’t gone down quite the same way in ’09.