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The White Whale

The restaurant boasts panoramic water views, outside seating and over-the-top hospitality. It touts a stocked menu, ranging from “Old World Favorites” like Sauerbraten and Weiner Schnitzel to “Super Combo Specials” such as Lobster Tails and Sirloin, among many others. Its specialty is seafood. The White Whale’s belly is spacious, with an adjacent dining room off the main barroom in addition to enclosed patio seating. The bar radiates a warm, welcoming feeling—as if you’ve just entered the galley of an old ship, as if you’ve just returned home.

How I happened upon this enigmatic restaurant, I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it began with a barrage of text messages to some very dear friends. I’m so happy I did. For what Captain Ahab had spent his life searching for, these cats already had found.