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Jerry’s Ink: My Favorite Food

I once ate pressed duckling at a restaurant in France named La Tour d’Argent, and before the ducks arrived, a haughty French captain handed each of us at the table a certificate with a number on it. The certificate was the official number of each person’s duck. Before they went to meet their maker, the ducks each had a little metal tag with a number tied around their tiny ankles near their cute little webbed feet.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Oct. 8 – Oct. 14

I love Japan, really. Sushi? Delicious. Video games? Mario and Luigi are my BFFs. Geta? Who doesn’t love a pair of wooden sandals? Form over function! But my love for the Land of the Rising Sun comes with a caveat—I can’t understand a word of Japanese. Blame it on my inability to grasp other languages (after six years of Spanish, the only phrase I know is “arroz con pollo,” and that’s because I like to eat), blame it on their spoken language sounding like someone taking a sledgehammer to a full dishwasher.