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The Westbury home where al Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan once lived. Foreground: Samir Khan

Slain al Qaeda Mouthpiece Samir Khan’s Westbury Roots

Samir Khan, the al Qaeda propagandist killed in U.S. airstrikes…


Does Long Island Need a Shark Alert System?

As ocean predators are sighted in the Northeast, experts propose an alert system to help notify L.I. when there is danger in the water.

NC Police Arrest Husband in Ex-LIer’s Murder

Authorities in North Carolina have arrested and charged a man with first-degree murder for the death of his pregnant wife, Long Island-native Michelle Young, culminating…

Driver Charged With Giving Trooper False Name

A North Carolina man was arrested for giving a false name to a New York State Trooper who had pulled him over in North Bay…