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Gloria Stuart: Actress Gloria Stuart Dead At 100

Gloria Stuart, the Hollywood actress most famous for her roles in The Invisible Man and James Cameron’s Titanic, died yesterday at the age of 100….


Long Island’s Custom Cake Shops

Just off Main Street in Babylon Village is a small…

List: Oscar Winners 2010

In case you missed the 2010 Oscars, here is a full list of nominees and winners in each categories. Now that the Cablevision/ABC feud is over, its time to debate the winners and losers of Hollywood’s biggest night.


Simultaneously fantastical and firmly rooted in the historical here-and-now, James Cameron’s Avatar is both raw and lyrical as all good sci-fi epics should be. With an array of unlikely Hollywood heroes irreverently shaking up the cookie-cutter scenarios of blockbuster conventions, Avatar impressively substitutes meaning for mayhem, and nuance for plot-preempting sheer noise.

Jim Carrey + Schizophrenia – Visuals = Success

I’m excited for the upcoming remake of A Christmas Carol, the timeless tale of an old man who gets dementia ODs on some Amy Winehouse-esque pill concoction is visited by three ghosts who tell him to stop being an a-hole to everyone. I remember seeing it at Radio City Music Hall when I was a wee lad and enjoying it thoroughly, but coming away with one bit of constructive criticism–it needed way more Ace Ventura. And whaddaya know? Disney’s went and got Jim Carrey, star of such recent cinematic landmarks as The Number 23 and Yes Man, to help them milk the holiday teet. Alllllllllllllrightythen.

The Geek Fest Returns: Comic-Con Rages On

Robert Downey Jr. said he wish he could don a Mexican wrestling mask and stroll the Comic-Con floor to check out all the collectible toys and geeky-cool stuff. Peter Jackson joked about ducking out of a discussion with director James Cameron — which drew thousands of fans to the San Diego Convention Center’s largest meeting hall — to walk the floor with fewer crowds.