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Nothing But Net: Binding Arrrrr-bitration (It’s A Pirate Pun)

I fell asleep Saturday night with the TV on. Hours later, I woke up in a pitch black room, blinding white light pouring from the…

Nothing But Net: Cablevision and Fox and Hulu, Oh My!

If you’re a Cablevision subscriber, you haven’t had access to Fox 5, My 9 and any other stations under News Corp.’s umbrella since Saturday at…

Nothing But Net: Dr. Dolan or How I Learned To Stop Watching Terrestrial TV and Love the Internet

Evolution makes the old archaic and the new essential. It has done it with land lines and cell phones. It has done it with atlases…

Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Girlfriend Sues For Millions

Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend is suing the actor and his former business manager, claiming she is owed more than $13 million and a house. Christina Fulton, who is the mother of Cage’s adult son, Weston, sued the Oscar-winner in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Obama, House Dems confident on health care vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — Buoyed by two major endorsements, House Democratic leaders on Thursday predicted swift passage of President Barack Obama’s historic health overhaul initiative. The president himself declared, “We are closer to passing this reform than ever before.” With a vote set for Saturday, momentum gathered behind the sweeping legislation to remake the U.S. health care system and extend coverage to millions of the uninsured

When I Grow Up, I Am Going To Share A Bunk Bed With My Nephew

White On Rice looks like a very funny movie. It stars Hiroshi Watanabe (he played a lieutenant in Letters from Iwo Jima—what a type-casting!) as Jimmy, a 40-year-old divorcee who moves in with his sister and shares a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew. He’s socially awkward, his coworkers think he’s strange and people recognize him from his past “acting” work in cheesy kung-fu B-movies. And if that wasn’t enough (a word Hollywood has never heard before), he has a crush on his brother-in-law’s twentysomething niece.