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Steve Nash “The Shawshank Redemption” (Video)

“Nothing left but all the time in the world,” says Nash as he sits in a dog cage during a spoof video of popular movie,…

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“Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” (Video)

All Twitter users know well that posts on the social media website can be dangerous. But while users fire them off left and right, do…

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“What Makes You Beautiful” By The Piano Guys (Video)

The Piano Guys have reportedly taken on British boy band One Direction this week and have delighted fans of both with a new viral video….

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‘Awkward’ Premiere (Video)

Awkward fans rejoiced this week when the hit MTV summer show finally returned for a long-awaited second season. The show returned Thursday, bringing back to life…

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“Dark Knight Rises” Extended Trailer Released (Video)

The epic superhero trilogy that began in 2005 comes to an end this summer with the last movie of the Batman series, “Dark Knight Rises.”…

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“The Hoff’s German Cousin: Mr. Lean” Goes Viral (Video)

The Hoff is officially hawking something healthy.  David Hasselhoff became the new star of Lean Pockets’ new online campaign and the first video has gone…