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In August 2010 a number of fire tornados were spotted in Hawaii and Brazil (Photo courtesy AP)

Top 10 Weather & Environmental Disasters of 2010: Year In Review

10. Fire Tornados—Fire whirls, firenados, fire devils. Whatever you want to call them, fire tornadoes are a combination of brush fires and strong, dry winds….


Chris’ Lunchbox: Galangal is Syosset’s Thai Nirvana

Galangal 140 Jericho Tpke., Syosset 516-682-0688 Adorned with majestic statues, flowing tapestries, a soothing waterfall and cultural artifacts basked in cascading light, hungry patrons wandering…

Fire Tornado Video: Brazil Fire Tornado Caught on Camera

Tornado? Bad. Fire? Bad. Combine the two? VERY BAD. Watch it on video? PRETTY COOL. Locals in the Brazilian city of Aracatuba witnessed a fire…