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A Suffolk County Judge has upheld conspiracy and official misconduct charges against former Nasaau County Police Department officials (L-R) Detective Sergeant Al Sharpe, Deputy Chief Inspector John Hunter and Second Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan.

Judge Upholds Charges Against Ex-NCPD Officials

A judge has upheld conspiracy and official misconduct charges against three former Nassau County police officials stemming from the alleged squashing of a criminal investigation…

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy at a recent news conference

Fallout Spreads After Suffolk Exec Levy Revelations

Fallout continued to reverberate through Long Island a day after…

Bruno On Trial

For more than a decade, state Senate Republican leader Joseph Bruno was a top power broker in New York. The backslapping former boxer had more bounce in his step than aides half his age and was gruffly unapologetic over the millions in pork projects that he grabbed for his upstate district.

The Whistleblower

For Nassau County employees, silence is golden. To speak out about corruption means your head on a chopping block.

When Georgina Morgenstern came to work on the Nassau County Planning Commission in August 2002, she was anything but naïve. The Port Washington resident had more than 20 years’ experience at the nexus of urban planning and politics. She had toiled at New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection and the city’s planning department, working on dozens of multimillion-dollar projects across all five boroughs and New Jersey. She played a role in upgrading New York City’s largest wastewater facility, the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in Brooklyn, and also worked on New York City’s Third Water Tunnel.