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Off The Reservation: Osama Been Long-Forgotten

Novelist Brad Meltzer’s latest thriller, Inner Circle, casts a light upon a tradition that has been somewhat of a mystery until now. The ceremonial passing…

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan’s Blunders Loom as Jets Eye Playoffs

Rex Ryan vowed to right his defense, but can he rectify his dubious decision-making?

Studying For The Employment Exam

I feel some pain for the Class of 2009.
They are graduating into a tough job market.

Workplace Realities

I received a press release recently about a new television show that Fox plans to launch by late summer or early fall. As if real life isn’t harsh enough, now we can watch a reality show titled Someone’s Gotta Go, which will use real businesses across the country and give employees the power to decide which of them will be let go.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of April 30 – May 6

Can you even imagine a world without Auto-Tune? It’s not pretty, but just try. Cher’s “Believe” would be just another song, T-Pain wouldn’t even exist and when you heard a pop tune on the radio, you’d hear what the artist actually sounds like (no thanks).

Thank you For The Muzak

The abrupt and unnatural change in temperature caught me by surprise—it’s near impossible, I think, to jump from 50 to 90 just like that and take it in stride—and in my state of confusion, I decided that my wardrobe was part of the problem.