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Clam Wars Rage in Oyster Bay

Bill Painter simply wanted the truth. About four years ago, the now 50-year-old bayman pulled his skiff near one of the flags delineating shellfish beds…


Does Long Island Need a Shark Alert System?

As ocean predators are sighted in the Northeast, experts propose an alert system to help notify L.I. when there is danger in the water.


Long Island’s Other Serial Killer

Halsey Manor Road stretches north and south, cutting straight through…


Long Island Restaurant Week: Prix Fixe At Its Finest

Sunday 11.7 through Sunday 11.14 Long Island Restaurant Week A Google search for “Long Island restaurant” returns more than 10 million results, and with openings,…

Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 8 – July 14

I wanted to thank the Long Island Press for its extensive and comprehensive article “Calling for Help” in your June 16 issue. We felt the article did an excellent job of raising awareness about the stigmatized issues of suicide, depression, and self-injury. People suffering from depression and suicidal ideation need to know that they are not alone and where to seek help. A comprehensive list of resources was given. In addition, the accessibility and sincere caring offered by hotline counselors was well described. I’m sure the article will be a godsend for many in our Long Island community.

Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 1 – July 7

I hope the people win back their right to public drinking water [“Water Wars,” June 17]. Never a fan of the bottled water craze. When in Rome I did as the Romans have done for centuries: drank from the public faucets around Rome. The trip was great due to the one simplest thing—my water bottle (aluminum) was full.