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Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 8 – July 14

Thanks for Lending a Lifeline

Dear Editor:

I wanted to thank the Long Island Press for its extensive and comprehensive article “Calling for Help” in your June 16 issue. We felt the article did an excellent job of raising awareness about the stigmatized issues of suicide, depression, and self-injury. People suffering from depression and suicidal ideation need to know that they are not alone and where to seek help. A comprehensive list of resources was given. In addition, the accessibility and sincere caring offered by hotline counselors was well described. I’m sure the article will be a godsend for many in our Long Island community.


It was clear that your reporters, Chris Twarowski and Rashed Mian, worked extremely hard to gather the research. We are very appreciative of their thorough approach.

Our biggest challenge has always been to educate the public to the availability of our unique and vital services. It is heartening to know that the Press sees itself as partners with us in connecting Long Islanders with life-saving services.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again.

Very truly yours,

Linda Leonard, M.S.
Executive Director,
Long Island Crisis Center

Cheers to Spring Water’s Return

On behalf of the nearly 400 people who signed the petition to the Town of Huntington, as well as for the many others who for one reason or another could not do so, I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone and his staff for their principled and sincere effort to turn the water on in Cold Spring Harbor [“Cold Spring Harbor Spring Reopened to Public,” July 3]. There are always situations where elected officials must make a choice, and in this instance, the Town of Huntington’s supervisor and council members made the correct one.

This is a decision that truly affects hundreds, if not thousands of people, many who travel miles to partake of this water. The wells in the area go back in history to the days before any of the early explorers arrived here in the New World, and they are part of the culture and fabric of the Cold Spring Harbor community. These wells are not only a part of our history, but they are part of the beauty of Long Island. Instead of being turned off, they should be protected. Our hope is that the future of the wells will be safeguarded for the benefit of everyone.

Thanks also goes to everyone who joined together to restore access to the wells. Some signed the petition, others came to the rally, some showed up at town hall to let their elected officials know how they felt, and those in the media brought the issue to the attention of all the citizens. How appropriate that on the Fourth of July weekend, the people and the officials to whom we have entrusted our government could come together. This is a small but significant victory for all of the blessings we Americans hold dear.

Joe Oliva
Turn On The Water Committee

No More Jobs?

To The Editors:

The first thing I turn to in the Long Island Press is Nancy Schuman’s “Jobs” column. Ms. Schuman offers insightful and realistic advice; I often recommend her and forward the link to her columns. I have not seen Ms. Schuman’s column in the last several issues of the LIP. Is she no longer part of your team? I hope you will give an explanation to her loyal readers. Thank you.


Francine M. Scuder

The Editors respond: Dear Francine (and all regular “Jobs” readers): Nancy is on sabbatical for the summer but she will return this fall with new columns every week. We miss her too!

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