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Beyonce ‘Dance For You’ Video

Beyonce’s new video “Dance for You” is heating up the Internet and we’re pretty sure we know why. Beyonce takes us back to the days…

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Top Rich Celebrity List

A man with a rocket arm and a woman who knows how to work the runway—that’s the combo that makes you the richest celebrity couple…


Beyonce Pregnant: Beyonce and Jay-Z Expecting

Beyoncé Knowles and husband Jay-Z are expecting. According to Us Weekly, 29-year-old Knowles is in her first trimester. Click here for more pictures of the…

Fight The Power! Down With Big Brother!

I know journalists are supposed to be unbiased, but come on—how can people expect us to be ambivalent about everything? We have opinions too, we just get paid [Paid. Ha ha. Good one—Ed.] to hide them. But not any longer! Screw the higher-ups! Viva la revolution! (*lights Molotov Cocktail*)