Thanksgiving Tips for Pets

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This Thanksgiving, make sure your pets remain safe amidst the chaos of extra relatives, activities and food, courtesy of the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

  • If you decide to give your pet a piece of turkey, make sure it’s not raw or undercooked. Also look out for any bones in the meat that could cause the animal to choke.
  • If your pet has special dietary restrictions, avoid giving him table scraps and feed him during his regular schedule.
  • When baking bread, make sure that the dough is out of reach of your pet. Bread dough can expand in their stomachs and cause major abdominal pain.
  • Do not let your pet beg at the dinner table, and make sure guests don’t sneak them any “treats” without your permission. If your animal is begging or bothering people during the meal, think about crating the dog with her favorite toy and a few treats in a quiet room in the house. Put a cat in a room with water, a litter box, food and a soft spot for him to take a catnap on. These situations can also be helpful if you have any concerns about your pet getting out when guests come in and out.
  • In case animals, do get out, make sure that they have their proper identification on. Large crowds and noises can cause nervous pets to run away.
  • Animals and candles do not mix well, they can easily accidentally knock it over and start a fire.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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