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B-List Celebrity Horoscope: Jennifer “I Carried a Watermelon” Grey

March 26, 1960

Jennifer Grey AKA Baby, star of ’80s cult classic Dirty Dancing, is an Aries, an adventurous fire sign.

While she started out wearing Keds and ankle-length skirts, Grey soon embraced the fire inside, dancing in stilettos and a bra with Patrick Swayze.

An Aries will go anywhere and do anything, like running with the bulls in Spain, climbing Mount Everest—or playing Canasta in the Catskills.


Those born under Aries are prone to romantic turmoil—like defying Daddy and sneaking off to Johnny Castle’s cabin.

A sign of action, the Aries woman refuses to sit idle while the world flies by—or  while the entire Kellerman lodge sings “Voices, Hearts and Hands” when they should be getting down and dirty to “Time of My Life.”

And when Grey takes the stage, she doesn’t just stick the lift, balancing on Johnny’s strong man-hands without falling head-first into the dessert table, she proves to all the signs of the zodiac why you should never doubt the Aries fire—or put Baby in a corner.

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