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Long Island Serial Killer: The Latest Updates

The search for more bodies on the Nassau side of Ocean Parkway was suspended Tuesday due to rainy and foggy weather near the ocean, but law enforcement vehicles and investigators still flooded the area, following confirmation that the latest two discoveries in the brush are in fact human remains.

Lost Girls: Where is Megan Waterman and Why Does No One Seem To Care?

This brings the body count on Ocean Parkway to a possible 10 since December 2010. One of the latest finds 1.5 miles east of the Jones Beach water tower was a single skull by itself, leading investigators to wonder if this is a tenth body, or part of one of the previous bodies that were found in the past few weeks.


Long Island’s Unidentified Murder Victims: Do You Know John Doe?

For now, police are keeping quiet on the specifics of these crimes, but information has been unofficially leaked that the first four victims—Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy, Maureen Brainard-Barnes and Amber Lynn Costello—were strangled to death and wrapped in burlap.

Bodies in Manorville: Long Island’s Other Serial Killer

One of the second group of four unidentified victims is believed to be a child and a body found next to this victim is believed to be the child’s mother.

Police are still awaiting forensic tests on the last six victims to determine their sex and identities.

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