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Duane Reade in Brooklyn Serves Beer

According to The New York Times a Duane Reade that opened a few months ago in Brooklyn faced the challenge of appealing to the area’s residents, who were already loyal to smaller, local pharmacies – and hate chain stores. Luckily, Williamsburg store found the perfect – albeit, unusual – way to market themselves to Brooklyn’s young, hipster masses – Beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Located on Kent Ave. at the base of one of Brooklyn’s many high rise condos and nestled nicely along the Williamsburg waterfront the pharmacy that has come to dominate the streets of Manhattan has made its presence known in Brooklyn, much to the distaste of many residents, and Duane Reade knew it. However, what residents do have a taste for is beer and with it’s new in-store bar (called Brew York City) the store hopes to add some “local” flare to the chain. The store will also sell groceries which other local pharmacies were also lacking.

“With each of our newer stores, we’re trying to find what works in our community,” Mr. Tiberio told the Times. And in Williamsburg, “this was an area that was devoid of opportunities for beer,” he said.


According to The New York Times the beer bar is part of a larger effort by Duane Reade to recognize — and capitalize — on the fierce identity and local needs of many New York City neighborhoods. Duane Reade even stocked the chillers with rare, hard-to-find brews that are served in growlers, an idea that came from a recent resurgence of their use in Whole Foods and local bars. You might be wondering – are they even allowed to do this? Why yes they are, as long as the growlers are filled by an employee and sealed in the store, Duane Reade does not need any additional licenses.

Could the drugstore turned beer bar become the new Brooklyn hotspot? Possibly. As we Long Islanders very well know, beer can help make any situation all the more enjoyable. With our many bars and restaurants serving our favorite brews our love for beer is clear. Why not have those favorites or ones we can’t find bottled at the grocery store, fresh from the tap – why not at our local convenience stores? What’s more convenient than that? For now the beer is staying in Brooklyn but our hopes for a similar idea coming to the Island definitely has our mouths watering.

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