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Elmo Speaks on Sesame Street/ Katy Perry Controversey

Elmo responded on Good Morning America today to recent controversy over the Katy Perry – Sesame Street segment that PBS has decided not to air.

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In the video, Perry chases Elmo around in a low-cut prom dress.  After previewing the clip on YouTube, Sesame Street received an overwhelming amount of parent complaints that Perry’s dress was less than innocent, and they nixed the clip for television.  (The dress, though tame enough by Katy Perry standards, does not leave much to the young imagination.)

Elmo innocently assured families today that he was still on good terms with Perry, and that they had already scheduled play-dates for the future.

This officially marks the first time a pop star has tried to use sex-appeal on toddlers.

Clips from the video and Elmo’s response above via Radaronline.

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