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Sound Smart at a Party for the Week of August 26 – September 1

“Her music is like elevator music, as far as I'm concerned. All the gays are looking for something new. She's history!" - Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed first supermodel and a walking example of the horrors of plastic surgery, says of Lady GaGa, who just became the most followed person on Twitter, stealing the title from Britney Spears, by landing over 5.7 million followers without shaving here head and having a massive public breakdown. In this picture, Lady Gaga performs during the fifth annual concert festival at Lollapalooza in Grant Park Friday, Aug. 6, 2010., in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

A 21-year-old man went “bananas” in Washington State last week. He was arrested after he allegedly rode around in a banana suit, exposing himself and displaying a shotgun. Police say they were first alerted to him after they received a report the banana man exposed himself at a restaurant and then split. The man offered no explanation as to why he was dressed as a giant fruit. The costume was peeled off (we could go all day) and seized as evidence.

Pastor T.J. McCormick of Coastal Community Church in Florida lived the high life for nearly three days. He spent those days living on a mechanical lift that was up 50 feet in the air and pledged not to come down until 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies were donated for kids in Collier City. Even though he dealt with the summer heat and multiple rain storms, the good pastor said he would assume his heavenly perch all over again.


In a few years, jetlag could have a cure. Scientists have been working away in the lab, using Pfizer drugs to reset and restart the body clocks of mice. They say these drugs, which work by altering the activity of an enzyme which helps set the speed of the body clock, could be used for humans in the future. They hope this could one day help people whose body clocks have been altered due to jetlag, shift work or depression and bipolar disorder.

If Santa can do it, why can’t I? That had to be what William Hussey was thinking when he was found in a stranger’s chimney in Tennessee. The 22-year-old from North Carolina was discovered after the homeowner heard cries for help coming from her chimney. Police found an SUV that smelled like petroleum in the road near the house with seven gasoline containers and an open door. They found Hussey shortly thereafter, and the fire department hoisted him out by rope. He was charged with public intoxication, vandalism and aggravated trespassing.

When Ricky Martin announced he was gay back in March, we were shocked (the leather pants-wearing singer of “Shake Your Bon-Bon” is gay? WHHHHAAAATTT???). Now, Ricky is letting us get an even closer look at his vida loca. A memoir titled Me (Yo) will be published in English and Spanish on Nov. 2. The book will talk about his childhood, his time in Menudo, the challenges of fame, coming to terms with his sexuality and becoming a father.

Having guard dogs for your marijuana field is so last year. In British Columbia, Mounties found two marijuana fields that had about 2,300 plants near the U.S.-Canada border. Also in the fields were 13 black bears wandering around. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said the bears were docile (duh, they were probably high) and used to humans. Unfortunately, if they are too used to people they will have to be put down. The two owners of the property were arrested. It is unclear whether the bears were guard bears or if the owners were just avid fans of Harold and Kumar and really believed wild animals can be tamed by weed.

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