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Letters to the Press: For the Week of July 15 – July 21

Screaming for Ice Cream

Dear Sirs/Madams:

The “Sound Smart at a Party” feature in the June 24 issue of the Long Island Press contained an item about Lindsay Lohan’s mother being denied use of her daughter, Ali’s celebrity discount card at Carvel. This item referred to Ali’s “celebrity” status as a real shocker.


I think the real shocker is: A) that there is such a thing as celebrity discount cards; B) that they extend even to purchases at Carvel; C) that I am subsidizing some “celebrity” when I buy a damn ice cream cone.

Enough already.

Very truly yours,
Roberta Chirco
Valley Stream

Simple Rules to Battle Bullying

Last week’s cover story on cyberbullying, “Bullying 2.0,” received its share of responses. Here are a few:

Dear Editor:

I eagerly await and read your publication cover to cover weekly and applaud the contributions your columns and features make to this island and felt the need to comment on this week’s feature on bullying in our society and our schools. It is so sad to be reminded of the damage that we as a group or individually are capable of inflicting on another human being. We all enter this world and try to succeed in sometimes vastly different circumstances than the person standing next to us. I sometimes do well and sometimes poorly in trying to be as good as I can be but find invariably if I take the time to ask myself three simple questions that I learned from my mother Dorothea George before she passed in 1992 I make the right choice and I get closer to that person I want to be: Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? It really is pretty simple if we take the time to ask.

Cliff George
Kings Park

When I was teaching, we requested time to allow students to chat with each other in groups, trying to lower the pressure on “unaccepted” students. We also wanted time for extra physical activities to help students address their needs to develop properly.

We got neither due to the pressure to push the academics. Now “they” are paying attention to obesity, diet, etc., but still not enough to deal with the kids who “hate” the left out kids.


Connor and all others—hang in there and hold your head up high! Remember you are better than them! There really should be a support group for these kids. Bullying has gone on for an eternity, but that doesn’t make it right, and the internet and cellphones has amplified the effects a thousand times.

Steel Magnolia

The testimony from the child advocate and school watchdog Mr. George Deabold hits the nail on the head. If teachers and school administrators fail to address child safety issues and put children in harm’s way, then its only right that they should have to pay a fine, go to jail or be fired. Coopers’ bill for school accountability was withdrawn only due to the fact that Cooper bent over and gave in to the pressure from the teachers, administrators and the teachers union.


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