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Revisiting the Kids Tent- Saturday, 1 p.m.

An overwhelming pile of birdhouses now fills the corner of the Kids Tent, a testament to the young volunteers’ hard work. By building their colorful creations, the children mimic the dedication of the hundreds preparing the Lutzes’ new home.

Not only does this project allow volunteers under 18 to participate in the fun, it also supports a great cause. “Any money that we get from auctioning them off, we [will] give that to the Lutz family,” said Jerry Cordiale, assistant leader for Boy Scout Troop 204, Miller Place.

Two boy scouts stand in front of the collection of birdhouses


Some children will keep their birdhouses, other birdhouses will be donated to the Lutzes’ home, and some will be auctioned off, Cordiale said. The project helps get younger kids involved in the project and helps raise awareness for the Boy Scout troop.

Children can also decorate a poster to be displayed in front of the home, another volunteer said. “Any child that passes gets to sign it,” she said.

Children pose in front of the poster they have signed for the Lutz family's front lawn

These projects will add the finishing touches to the now almost completed home. Only 1 day to go until the big reveal!

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