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Meeting The Lutz Family – Monday, 6 p.m.

With the house finished, we finally got to meet Kathleen Lutz up close and talk to her about the whole experience, and what she thinks of her brand new house. Members of the media waited for the last time outside of the Ringneck Lane home, as they’ve done for the past week straight.

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Kathleen came out arm-in-arm with Sal Ferro, President and CEO of Alure Home Improvements. Sal, who seem both relieved and excited, shared his thoughts post-build. “Building this house, it took a lot of heart. Long Island really stepped it up,” he said, acknowledging the record number of volunteers that Alure received throughout the week.  “This week I’ve seen more good in people than most people have seen in a lifetime,” he said.

Kathleen tried to sum up the entire experience, although the shock hasn’t seemed to wear off yet. “There was a flood of emotions,” Kathleen said. “Nothing can prepare you for it.”

She said her favorite part of her new home is the New York City theme that runs throughout. Complete with a pinball machine, foosball table, pool and swing set, Kathleen also noted that it gives her brothers and sisters more freedom.

“They need their own space…they’re adults. They can do more now,” she said.

Danny Lutz joined his sister Kathleen on their front lawn, adding that his favorite part of the house is a stage where they get to do karaoke. His favorite songs to sing? “Elvis!” he excitedly said. Danny certainly had the most animated reaction to the reveal of the house out of his family. “I jumped on [Sal] because I was happy,” he said.

Maria Bacchi and Patti Simpson, who have cooked dinner for the Lutz family for the past nine years, are the ones responsible for nominating the family more than a year ago.

“Kathleen made a beautiful home, but the house was deteriorating,” Maria said. Her outlook is much brighter now for the entire family.

“They will mature in this house,” she said of the kids, who will become more independent. It will also give Kathleen some much-deserved freedom for the first time in years.

“This house is so much more than four walls. Its a whole world,” she said.

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