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Block The Vote: How Big Business Wants to Shrink The Electorate

Astonishing. Remarkable. Sinister. Those are words that come up again and again when confronting the wave of voter identification laws that has swept through more…

Feds to Review Nassau Voter Suppression Claims

During last year’s battle for the White House, a letter was allegedly created to steer Hempstead and Uniondale voters away from the polls. It fraudulently bore the markings of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and raised enough suspicion to be investigated by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.

Now, that letter and the allegations surrounding it are in the hands of the feds.

The Nassau District Attorney’s Office has referred documents and investigatory findings relating to allegations of voter suppression involving a New York State senator, county Board of Elections commissioner and county legislative candidate’s husband to federal investigators.