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Union members say "We're ready for work"

Supporters Rally for New Nassau Coliseum

Hundreds of union workers poured into the Theodore Roosevelt Legislative…

NFL, Union Agree to 7-Day Extension on CBA

By Barry Wilner, Associated Press The NFL and its players are still talking. Soon they’ll need to start agreeing. While failing to reach a deal…

Newsday’s Staff Faces Pay Cuts, Longer Hours

Members of Newsday’s largest union, the 1,100-strong Graphic Communications Conference/International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 406, are being asked to tighten their belts once again.

Union leaders have emerged recently from negotiations with Cablevision Systems Corp.-owned Newsday and presented its membership with a new proposed contract, the terms of which they themselves describe as “horrible and unprecedented.” The details, contained, along with the tentative agreement, in a memo sent from union officer Zachary Dowdy to the paper’s roughly 240-member editorial unit—leaked earlier this week and posted on media commentary website PoynterOnline—includes, among other demands: 10-percent pay cuts for all employees [15 percent for drivers], longer work weeks exclusive of lunch periods, and elimination of one week of vacation.