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War on School Junk Food Goes To Court

Snackdown: War on School Junk Food Goes To Court

The vending machines in Levittown’s two high schools stood stocked…


Sinking City: Long Beach Faces Deep Financial Troubles

From the sixth floor windows of Long Beach’s embattled city…


Is Nassau Exec Ed Mangano In Over His Head?

When friends and foes alike assess Nassau County Executive Ed…

Off The Reservation: Political Football

The Republicans are inching closer to control of the New York State Senate. This is less of an ideological victory of sorts than it is an interesting development in the ongoing power-play of regional interests. At stake are redistricting and determining the identity of the “third man” in the room in Albany. For Long Islanders, it’s about money.


DiNapoli, Wilson Vie to Follow the Money in Comptroller’s Race

Long Islanders with long memories may recall when Tom DiNapoli was still an 18-year-old teenager and became the youngest person in New York to win…

Echo Bubble

The federal deficit now stands at $12 trillion. Historic. New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli issued a statement warning New Yorkers that the state is “on track to spend $4.1 billion more this year than it will take in,” characterizing this deficit as “irresponsible and unacceptable.” On Long Island we are being squeezed by every taxing authority under the sun. But the government isn’t alone. Homeowners across America are underwater with mortgages they cannot afford and drowning in the highest household debt ratio in history.