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Gloria Stuart: Actress Gloria Stuart Dead At 100

Gloria Stuart, the Hollywood actress most famous for her roles in The Invisible Man and James Cameron’s Titanic, died yesterday at the age of 100….


Simultaneously fantastical and firmly rooted in the historical here-and-now, James Cameron’s Avatar is both raw and lyrical as all good sci-fi epics should be. With an array of unlikely Hollywood heroes irreverently shaking up the cookie-cutter scenarios of blockbuster conventions, Avatar impressively substitutes meaning for mayhem, and nuance for plot-preempting sheer noise.

The Real Haunted Trails Of LI

Some believe that past, present and future are all happening at once, and the events of long ago keep playing out over and over again in the spots where they took place, enabling some to see ghosts, and others to predict the future. With this in mind, we’re taking you on a bygone stroll (or frantic run) through Long Island’s past. Because what could be more green than walking through nature in autumn, alongside recycled souls and the decaying remains and ruins of what once was…