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Long Island’s Secret History

The roads go nowhere, closed off to traffic by cinder blocks and thick chains. The windows are barred. The signs say ‘Do Not Enter’—not that…

Long Island’s Haunted Halloween Guide

Originally the ancestral home of Native Americans and later settled by Europeans during the 1600s, Long Island is rich in history and is absolutely loaded with folklore, myths and urban legends. But as the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is almost always fire, and many of these stories have facts and truths behind them. Our island is full of Native American burial grounds and defunct Gatsby-esque mansion estates and was the stage for various historical events and happenings- some good, others bad. After centuries of deaths, births, tragedies, and religious gatherings, there’s no doubt that Long Island can be considered extremely hallowed ground. But is the island a hotbed of paranormal occurrences and supernatural entities? Decide for yourself.