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Fight The Power: The Problems With LIPA and National Grid

Last July, soaring thermometers in the Northeast set a record….

Power List 2010 Hall of Fame

In 2008, the Long Island Press Power List Hall of Fame welcomed its first class of inductees—people who had made the Power List for five years, people whose power had been clearly established. Now in its third year, the Hall of Fame welcomes eight new members, power players of all stripes: an activist, a PBA president, an outgoing LIPA president but incoming LIA head. And more.

Long Island Politicians are Battling for Albany

By Spencer Rumsey Surly suburbs caught in the crosshairs of politicians’ ambition and hubris. Angry accusations, betrayals, and broken commandments dominate the discussion. Our leaders…

Letters to the Press: For the Weeks of Dec. 24 – Jan. 6

Tiger’s Defender Off Base Dear Editor: So I guess we are to assume that, according to Mr. Dornheim [“In Tiger’s Defense,” Letters to the Editor,…