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Threat Level Midnight: ‘Threat Level Midnight’ Premiered on ‘The Office’ Thursday

If anyone watched “The Office” last night you witnessed something a little different rather than the ordinary office hysteria. For avid fans of the show,…


From Friendster To MySpace To Facebook: The Evolution and Deaths Of Social Networks

Before Facebook, before MySpace, before Friendster even, Keith

Nothing But Net: R.I.P. My TiVo (Dec. 25, 2006 – May 21, 2010)

I lost a good friend a few weeks ago—my TiVo. And with it, I lost all interest in grounded, cable company-provided, coaxial cable-delivered television. I…

Interview: Tina Fey and Steve Carell

While most pooped moms and dads may think of the workplace as a treasured time to get away from parenting and chill out, Shawn Levy’s…

When I Grow Up, I Am Going To Share A Bunk Bed With My Nephew

White On Rice looks like a very funny movie. It stars Hiroshi Watanabe (he played a lieutenant in Letters from Iwo Jima—what a type-casting!) as Jimmy, a 40-year-old divorcee who moves in with his sister and shares a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew. He’s socially awkward, his coworkers think he’s strange and people recognize him from his past “acting” work in cheesy kung-fu B-movies. And if that wasn’t enough (a word Hollywood has never heard before), he has a crush on his brother-in-law’s twentysomething niece.