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Although the Long Island heroin epidemic has plagued both Nassau and Suffolk equally with record numbers of arrests and deaths, as is well-documented since the…

Epic Denial

Not that anyone would know it from taking a look around the packed room at the Heroin Summit in Nassau’s legislative chamber on July 28, but there are still some out there who are trying to distance themselves from the epidemic. Namely, school officials.

Gangs of Long Island: Rape. Drugs. Murder.

Gang violence is on the rise across Long Island, admits at least one top elected official, and law enforcement efforts to rein in its culture can best be described as a sub-war in itself. For those trapped in the culture’s web—a net cast even for elementary schoolers—life can be a seemingly endless cycle of tragedy, despair and anguish, with an untold number of victims. 

‘Proud Girls’ Volunteer Group Gains Momentum

Many teenaged girls on Long Island will be spending their summer slaving away at part-time jobs or roaming the mall with their friends. But 10 girls from Smithtown will be spending their summer making a difference in their community instead. PROUDGirls on the Move is a grassroots volunteer program that Diane Prefontaine started three months ago in association with hangPROUD, an online community for women that she started with Carla Alpert.