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EdTech: Why Can’t Elroy Blog?

“Meet George Jetson. His Boy Elroy. Daughter Judy. Jane his wife.” – Jetsons Theme Song, 1970 The question for today is: Why are we spending…

EdTech: Looking for Sputnik

Welcome to the first installment of EdTech. This column will focus on the developing and proper use of your tax dollars via the combination of education with technology. Technology has always been used in education, from the early days of chalk and a board to the days of PowerPoint and the bored (students). I have been in Higher Education for almost 25 years. I am admittedly a technophile, but I rarely use technology in the classroom.

Sonic Boom: Relics

For all intents and purposes, my actual CD collection stopped growing in 2005, when I realized I would never actually need hard copies of music anymore. So if you were to leaf through all those boxes of CDs—approximately 4,000 discs in all—you would find they stop dead, chronologically speaking, with, like, Common’s Go.

New Experiences, New Technology

Shuffling across the quad is not quite the same as it used to be. College campuses are buzzing with activity as students exchange quick hellos, rest on the lawn with their laptops and text the latest news to friends. There is no doubt that we are living in a world of advancing technology, and much of that technology is embraced by students for practices both fashionable and functional.

Small, portable devices hold great capabilities, especially for students. It is because of new tools that cell phones have taken a back seat.