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Play Ball!

Kyle Meier is 5 1/2 years old. He’s been through more than 12 surgeries in his short life, more surgeries than the majority of us will have in a lifetime. Two lifetimes. Kyle was born with multiple birth defects including proximal femoral focal deficiency: He has no thigh bones or hip joints, resulting in severely short stature. He was also born with Pierre Robin Syndrome (PRS), a rare condition characterized by a small lower jaw, cleft palate and a tendency for the tongue to “ball up” in the back of the mouth. He also has a tracheotomy. By definition, Kyle is severely disabled, but he is also like millions of other kids.

“Parents Trust Me, I’m From The Government & I’m Here To Help”

In 1995, the public trust was violated when the New York State Education Department decided to change the special education system without holding the required public hearings. A great deal of time has passed and a question arises. Is there a moral and/or ethical imperative to demand a review of the state’s actions?