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Aimee L. Sword Sentenced 9 to 30 Years for Sex With Teen Son

Aimee L. Sword, a Michigan woman who pleaded guilty to having sex with her biological son in 2009, has been sentenced nine to 30 years…

When Plan B Becomes Plan A

Jamie*, 20, a local college student,  knew she shouldn’t have gone out last night. She probably shouldn’t have had as much to drink as she…

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Sept. 3 – Sept. 9

I feel like the only real way to market condoms is to just take the idea and shove it in people’s faces. No beating around the bush; just stick it out there. I can’t even imagine how they were advertised decades ago, when a man who looked at a woman’s teeth was accused of letting his eyes wander south and a woman was hit with indecent exposure for eating an ice cream cone.