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9/11 Responders: Long Island’s Heroes Are Sick And Dying

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1010 On 9/11

As the sun rose and cast a new day’s light onto Manhattan on Sept. 12, 2001, the chaos of the previous day took on new life. The buildings were already gone, and smoke still permeated the New York City air. Normally noisy and frenetic by sunrise, the great city was stunned, like a boxer on the canvas after a massive blow, looking up through blurred vision. The streets were silent. Papers blew through with the morning winds. When the Towers had fallen, millions of bits of paper fell to the ground like snow with the ash and smoke.

Freedom Tower Cornerstone On Long Island

A 20-ton block of granite once envisioned as the cornerstone for New York’s Freedom Tower is getting a new home on Long Island. Although dedicated at the ground zero site in 2004, the stone was quietly removed in 2006 to allow for other construction and returned to the company where it was inscribed.