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Pan Am

‘Pan Am’ Shoots at Republic Airport in Farmingdale

Fans of ABC’s Pan Am, who tuned in for the…

Angelina Jolie Interview

Never one to shy away from a man’s job in movies, Angelina Jolie grabbed the chance to take on the post-partum role of the initially…

Salt Review

While the Red Scare—putting forth elaborate schemes about a perpetually imminent Russian invasion and nuclear annihilation—was the stuff of science fiction movies, today that alarmist fare is more likely to surface in, well, Salt. A far too self-serious hyperactive odyssey of a fugitive CIA operative fingered as a Russian mole, Salt boasts unearned narrative smarts that are peppered with plot points more on the order of just plain daffy.

Off the Reservation: The Big Lies

The world has transitioned from the era of “too big to fail” to “to big to tell the truth.” The bigger the entity, the larger…

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Nov. 19 – Nov. 25

We don’t give office tours at the Press (Note to female interns: Those evening-hour “office walkthroughs” I do are mandatory and our little secret, OK?), so let me offer a mental sneak peek: We have some rooms filled with desks and decade-old computers. A few whiteboards to map out each week’s issue. Tada! That’s it. It’s very boring and plain, and that’s because half of our office is working nonstop for at least 10 hours a day and the other half is out of the office most of the time.