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‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Tops Box Office Friday

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” topped the box office on Friday—and it wasn’t even close. The “Apes” movie, starring James Franco, premiered with…

Movie Review: Buried

BURIED 3 stars Lionsgate, Rated R Horror can come in small packages, even a coffin, as the no frills, literally underground thriller Buried impressively confirms….


Interview: Ryan Reynolds

The actor on working inside a coffin, speaking to the camera and bouncing between genres

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Oct. 1 – Oct. 7

I took karate at one of the most renowned martial arts schools in the world—Tiger Schulmann’s. And I’m not trying to brag, but I was an animal. One time, I did 62 roundhouse kicks in a row. The record was like 7,000 but mine were perfect form. OK, ever heard of the purple belt? It’s even harder to get than a black belt and guess who had one (my mom bought it for me). So take my word as even more truth than usual when I tell you Tony Jaa (as in, “Holy s***, that guy just ran up an elephant’s tusk and backflipped off its face—JAAAAAAAA!”) is out of his judo-chopping mind.