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Inside the World of Steve Levy

“I’d likely run for re-election and it would be as a Republican,” asserts Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. It’s a sunny Tuesday in mid-June, 2010,…


Top 10 Political Stories of 2010: Year In Review

10. This Amazing Race Was Almost Over Before it Began—Gov. David Paterson launched his gubernatorial campaign on Feb. 20 at Hofstra, slamming “pundits and politicians”…


Off the Reservation: Mad As Hell

It’s a race to the bottom in this year’s mid-term elections and the bubbling cauldron of discontent is spilling into the streets. As the negative…

The Conversation: The Primaries

The primaries are over and the people have spoken. But what the hell did they mean? This election season is full of turbulence, roiled by…

Lucero Verdict Will Change Upcoming Elections

The manslaughter verdict is in and the Jeff Conroy case is closed, but no one knows when the court of public opinion will adjourn because the immigration issue remains very much alive in this divisive election year.

Lazio Responds To Paterson’s Campaign Launch

Lots of gubernatorial action on Long Island today.

Soon after incumbent Gov. David Paterson launched his campaign at Hofstra University in Hempstead, former U.S. Representative Rick Lazio, a Republican from Suffolk County, gave a response.