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Veteran’s Day Quotes: Veteran’s Day History and Quotes

Veteran’s Day is a holiday that began to evolve after World War I. Even though the “Great War” (what World War I was named at the…

Veterans Day NM

Veteran’s Day: Veteran’s Day Quotes and History

Most people think of Veteran’s Day as a day off from work, but this is a holiday with history that goes all the way back…

Not Gaga: Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga

Not Gaga: Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga “It just comes with the territory. That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment…

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep in 2010

We bet you thought you were getting a list of green New Year’s resolutions this week. But that would be predictable—and pretty freaking boring. If you’re reading this you already know the deal. Recycle this. Shut that off. Use both sides of the toilet paper. Besides, fewer than 10 percent of people keep their resolutions, so why set you up for failure? So how about trying something different—after all, resolution isn’t something you make, it’s something you have.