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List: Oscar Winners 2010

In case you missed the 2010 Oscars, here is a full list of nominees and winners in each categories. Now that the Cablevision/ABC feud is over, its time to debate the winners and losers of Hollywood’s biggest night.

The Year in Movies 2009

While the news media sometimes gets a well deserved public spanking for playing with the truth, movies really indulged in re-orchestrating history this year. And…


Though big, bad and bodacious Mo’Nique may be a cutting edge comedienne on stage and screen, her role as mother from hell in her new movie, Lee Daniels’ Precious, is no laughing matter. The plus size jokester extraordinaire, who’s also got her own late night talk show on BET called The Mo’Nique Show, spouted assorted unusual opinions during this conversation, about weighty matters regarding just how she goes about being as ‘u’nique’ as she can be. Including her philosophy of the all-natural origins of funny, what in the world her curvaceous dimensions have to do with being a talk show host and having a big head, and the talky diva’s uncharacteristically ho hum brevity concerning her extreme personality makeover for this movie.


Baby Mama Dearest, but minus the coat hangers and Hollywood mansion, the ironically titled Precious wallows in anything but. Part ghetto afterschool special, part bad parenting horror movie, Precious reveals less about underclass urban existence than class snobbery and contempt within bourgie black culture. And while written by Columbia professor and Harvard grad Geoffrey Fletcher and directed by Lee Daniels, producer of Monster’s Ball, this perpetual inner city monster’s brawl may as well have rolled off the Bill Cosby assembly line school of grotesque anti-ghetto moviemaking.

Nothing But Net: For the Week of Oct. 15 – Oct. 21

Do you know what stories are the best to listen to? Marriage proposals. Man, I LOVE hearing them SO MUCH. Really? You had the waiter put the ring inside a piece of cake! No way! Aw man, and don’t tell me she bit into the cake? Ha ha, that’s a great story. What’s that? No no, these aren’t cyanide pills I’m swallowing. They’re just vitamins; go on! Really? You got down on one knee right there? In the restaurant? That’s so romantic bro! Real quick interruption—do you know if it’s possible to choke yourself? Just wondering. Sorry, keep going; I LOVE this story! She said YES?! Dude, so fantastic! One sec though—just pull this end of the noose for me?