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Movie Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Should a schizoid storytelling device be used to relay a story about a split personality? According to T. Sean Durkin, the young novice writer/director of…

John Goodman in Red State

Movie Review: Red State

Moving on from the dumb and (increasingly) dumber crap on which he made his name, Kevin Smith regrettably expands his horizons with Red State, failing…

Jason Statham (L.) and Ben Foster star in The Mechanic.

Movie Review: The Mechanic

The Mechanic revolves around which contender can blow up unsavory people and expensive stuff bigger and better.


Q&A: Natalie Portman

Syosset native Natalie Portman seems to be into predictions these…

Anthony Hopkins (holding crucifix) stars in The Rite.

Movie Review: The Rite

The Rite is a cautionary exorcism outing that seems to be targeting doubters in the theaters rather than those on the screen.


Interview: James Franco

James Franco seems to have no problem switching between extreme…